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Name: Thota  Ramesh

Age: 10


Gender: Male


Birthday: June 17, 2003    


Study:  6th Standard




Biography: The parents of Ramesh are Christian believers. They are very poor, and because there was no way of hoarding money to purchase any landed property, they live from hand to mouth. Their house is built with a thatched roof, the floor consists of mud or dirt. Sanitation is poor, because the houses are cluttered and congested.  Ramesh’s father can not work at all and hence only the mother does some labor to earn enough to serve the family for the day. This is the main reason for requesting you to sponsor this child for schooling and living in the orphanage. It will cost you $40 per month. I ask you to pray for this child in finding one sponsor. Thank you.


Environmental situation: A rural atmosphere, it is a typical small village. The staple food is rice, which they eat with mixing curries made of vegetables, Dhal, fish, etc.


Both men and women work for the maintenance of the family needs. There is very little income. Therefore they are incapable of educating their children although they have great desire to so. The caste barrier is still persistent, and there are social limitations. Many have to marry within their own families.


I once again remind you to remember these unfortunate, deprived children. Educate one or two children and show your compassionate love. Thank you.


Please kindly select this child and make your payment of $40 USD.

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